Thursday, September 8, 2011

McGinn's Pistachio Farm

 This week we have been doing the tourist thing again and hitting up a couple of the pistachio farms in the area. First stop was the McGinn's farm conveniently located across the street from the RV Park, so we just walked over. The big draw for this place is the giant pistachio nut out front, ah la, old school roadside attractions. Of course we had to have our picture taken with it!!

The farm has that old country store feel and decor, how ever it is not set up very well. There is one door in and they have the sample pistachios set up right as you walk in, so you have to push your way through all the kids and adults in the way.

 The farm also has a winery and you can sample their wine, and of course buy some if you so desire. Now Sheryl and I are not wine snobs by any means, but it seems as if all their wines had a very acidly taste, just not very pleasant to us. Below are some shots I took from around the farm.

 All in all we were disappointed in the place, too small and too crowded, the wines were not all that good. We wouldn't tell anybody not to stop here for a look, but it just wasn't for us. We did stop by another Pistachio farm down the street and had a much better experience, so stay tuned for that in our next post.
See Ya Then!!!

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

The wine may have been lousy, but how were the pistachios? Hopefully they could at least get that right.

The good thing is you voted with your wallet and went where you had better luck.

Waiting for the next post. :c)