Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To Sheryl

Happy Birthday to my lovely young bride. This birthday is very special to both of us as it marks a new chapter in our lives for various reasons we will keep to ourselves. But I will say they are very good reasons.
 The day started with giving Sheryl her gift. She had seen this purse at the gift shop here at the RV park when we first pulled and fell in love with it. So a week later I just knew it would be the perfect gift for her birthday.

 Next, it was what to do for the day??? We decided to head up into the mountains for the day and escape the desert heat. Our first thought was lunch in the mountain town of Ruidoso at one of our favorite little lunch spots.

 Well on our way up the mountains, Sheryl said she wanted to check out the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino that everyone here brags about. We both had our reservations about what it would be like, however we decided to check it out. One thing I must say is, we were very pleasantly surprised. The resort is beautiful and is situated on a clear mountain lake. They had a Sunday Brunch going at the Buffet, but we both said that would be such a waste for the cost as we both don't eat that much. We found the other restaurant in the resort and had a great breakfast there.

 We were lucky and scored a window seat with views of the lake and mountains.

 After lunch it was still pretty early so a Sunday drive through the mountains was in order. We drove through Ruidoso, but decided not to stop as it is just one big tourist trap (we hate places like that) and just spent time driving and enjoying the scenery.

 As we were coming down out of the mountains I remembered hearing about a small ghost town a few miles away. Ok, well more than just a few miles, but still in the same area as things go, so off we went. Upon arriving we were a bit disappointed, the town was there, however several of the buildings and homes had been bought and were being renovated. Most had no trespassing signs out so we could only look from afar.

 One that still had some public access was the old School House built in the late 1800s.

 There was this old safe on display outside, the sign says it was blown open during a robbery.

 As this was a mining boom town in its day, the wealthy town folk, built some beautiful homes out here in the middle of the desert mountains. After that it was just the ride home. All toll, our Sunday drive consisted of 150 miles of beautiful scenery and great company.

I leave you with this parting shot of just what this duck thought about having his picture taken. We had a great day together and looking forward to many more during our travels as Sheryl's back gets better and stronger.
Ok, that's it for now and keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for your lovely child bride. Nice gift you picked out, it's always nice when you have a hint for a good gift.

Love the ducking duck picture. Too funny! :c)

Mike and Terri said...

A very belated happy birthday to Sheryl!

sbo said...

thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive