Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roadside Sights

We have been here in Southern New Mexico/West Texas for 5 months now and we both really miss travelling. So, I started looking at some photos of our past travels, and thought I share a few you. These are some of the odd roadside sights we've run across. You know, the kind while driving down the road you see something that causes you to do a double take and you just have to stop and take a look.
 Just South of Amarillo, TX. a farmer did his take on the Cadillac Ranch. There were 8 Combines buried half way in the ground.

 This restaurant was in Claude, Texas. The other half of the VW is on the inside and serves as a condiment bar. It was lunch time so we decided to give it a try, it was ok, but we've had better.

 Outside of Crestview, Florida we saw this huge carving, belong to the DCD Cattle Ranch. We thought it was great what they did with the dead tree instead of just cutting it down.

 In the Dallas Texas area, we saw this Jeep trailer, turned out to be an pretty inventive BBQ/Smoker. As a Jeeper myself we just had to get a picture.

Cedar Key, Florida, you don't often see a pink Edsel sitting on the side of the road.

Those are some of our favorites, We are sure we'll see plenty more on out travels.

Not much else is happening here, just day to day life, while waiting for doctors appointments. We are really wanting to get back on the road and Sheryl is ready NOW!!! But I keep telling her, we are not going to sacrifice your health to leave a little bit early. We'll be out there soon again and it's getting closer every day.

Enjoy the photos and see you next time.  


debbowers said...

Great post - running across little 'treasures' like that is my favorite part of traveling. It's harder to find them along the interstate highways - that's why we like to do back roads when we can. I hope all goes well in the next few weeks and you can get back out there soon!

wheelingit said...

LOVE these kind of wierd roadside attractions! By the way, if you've never looked at it's a great resource for these kind of zany things.
Hoping you get on the road soon!