Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Love a Bargin

Yesterday it was time to have Ole Red serviced (oil change) so we took her to our local Dodge dealer to have it done. Usually I do my own oil changes, however we were give 3 free oil changes by the dealers management for a less than stellar experience we had with them. Other wise they have actually been really good to deal with. Anyway while we were waiting, we noticed the parts department had a table with some clearance items on it. There just so happened to be a chrome wind deflector that just happened to fit our truck on it, and it of course caught Sheryl's eye. She asked how much they wanted for it and the girl came back with $100.00, I (being the tightwad I am) balked at that number as we really don't need it. Sheryl said, well, I'll give you $50.00 if really want to get rid of it........the girl thought for a moment, then said sold! So we are now the proud owners of a new factory wind deflector for well under the retail price, and heck they even installed it for free! Got to love my little wheeler and dealer.

We have also decided that our time here at Holloman is up, we have just a couple more medical appointments to go, but they are in El Paso, TX. So we'll be pulling up our Jacks and heading for El Paso and the Ft Bliss RV Park on Saturday. It's been pretty nice here at Holloman, but the change in scenery will do us both good. We are hoping to only be in El Paso for 3 weeks or less, depending on how things go, then we'll be heading out again on our fulltime adventure.

Were looking forward to the move and getting on the road again. We'll see you back here in a couple of days as we depart for West Texas. Take Care!!!


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Can I borrow your wheeler and dealer? I'm going to need new tires on the MH and they are expen$ive...

That chrome makes a great looking truck look even better! I love good deals.

Have fun on the road, it'll be good to get those trailer tires completely round again.

Mike and Terri said...

Wow -- way to go Sheryl! We're tightwads too and always love a good bargain! :-)

Darren and Joyce Romero said...

Great score on the Chrome wind deflector. Go Sheryl!
Glad to see you aren't going to grow roots at Holloman...Hopefully your time will go fast in El Paso and you can get out and see the country!