Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travelling Southwest Texas

 Canyon Lake is now a memory as we travelled through Southwest Texas. Wanting/needing to be in El Paso as soon as possible, we drove for 3 days, arriving on Thursday. Southwest Texas is quite the drive, we took Hwy 90 out of San Antonio, to Del Rio, Alpine then on to El Paso. There can be some long stretches with out services (gas) so if you make it out this way make sure you have plenty!! We thought at one point we would run out before then next station as one along the way was out of gas. We did make it to the next town, on fumes, but we did make it. Not having a large gas tank in the Jeep and only getting 6-8 mpg can really be a hindrance, but a lesson learned to carry extra when striking out here in the Southwest.  Just after leaving Canyon Lake, we came across the Dam Red Barn and just had to get a shot! The business is just down from the Canyon Lake Dam,  hence the name, and right across the street from the local church, hmmmm sense of humor or .............. you be the judge.

 On our way out of Del Rio, approx 35 miles we had planned to stop in the town of Landry to top off the gas tank as it would be a long way to the next town with gas. However the town was out of gas, hmmm press on and risk the next town being out also, or re-route back to Del Rio and find a better route. After being assured the next town would have gas we pressed on. Ahh the adventure! While in the town of Landry, we found the Judge Roy Bean Museum (yup out here in the middle of nowhere) so we decided to take it in. I had heard about it before, and thought it would be pretty cool to see, just didn't realize it was here. The museum has a good size Welcome Center, the Judges original Home and Saloon/Courthouse on display (both in there original locations). Ole Judge Roy Bean was quite the character, in his day and dispensed his own brand of justice as he interpreted the law. The building are very well preserved, so stop by for a look next time you out this way (just bring plenty of fuel!!)

 West Texas scenery, lots of open plains and distant mountains.

 Once we made it to I-10, it was a pretty strait shot into El Paso, however the up hill grades and a nice head wind caused the Jeep to struggle to get 6 mpg (ouch) 8-10 is more the norm pulling the trailer. It's nice to stop at the rest areas, Texas sure puts up some interesting ones, just to get a break from fighting the wind for a bit.

With are arrival here in El Paso, we were greeted with this beautiful sunset, after three days on the road, it was nice to finally relax, have a cold one and just watch the sunset. We are staying at the Ft Bliss RV Campground, we have paid for 2 weeks so we'll be he that long for sure. Sheryl has her doctors appointment on Monday, so we should know more about his plans for her back and how long we may be here then.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Cool picture of Sheryl in black and white, nice effect!

I hope that 6-8 mpg is when you're towing. No wonder you've been having to look for gas so often.

Now if we all can just afford to buy a couple of gallons... ;c)