Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Red, The Reveal!!!

Well here she is, ain't she a beast...I mean beaut!!! 2006 Dodge Ram 2500, 4X4, with 83,000 miles. Not bad for a diesel. The price was fair, and we were treated well by the dealer, it meets all our requirements for towing now and in the future. We have been talking for a while now about getting a truck like this one, we just wanted to wait for the right one to come along. We knew we wanted a diesel if we could afford one, plus it had to have 4 wheel drive for off roading.  We headed out the other day to just look but all we were finding (in our price range) was very high mileage beaters. So we decided to pack it in and get some lunch, funny thing was, there was a Dodge dealer right across the street from the resturaunt. On the way out Sheryl says, hey, why don't we look and see what they have, and well.......the rest is now history as thats the dealer we bought from. Also, you can tell it has four wheel drive, so our off road adventures will continue, just in a different vehicle. It will certainly take alittle getting used to driving it, both on and off road, as it's much bigger than the Jeep.
Tomorrow, we'll see how she tows, we are taking the trailer up to Camping World to get our new awning installed. Yep, we finally decided it was time for a new one, with summer almost here it'll be nice to have it out to get away from the blazing sun here in the Southwest. As you may remember (or not) last year just before we headed out on the road, one of those lovely El Paso winds came up out of nowhere and our old awning was history. I was at the VA Hospital, and poor Sheryl was just no match for the wind gust that so kindly removed the awning.
Tomorrow is also my "your officially getting old" appointment at the VA, yep, being fitted for my hearing aids. I've been putting it off for so long now, but my hearing loss is really starting to affect my (our) everyday life, so I guess it's time.
Ok, well, that was the big reveal, we'll miss the Jeep, but we'll have just as much fun with our new friend. Towing will be less stressful, not worrying about being over loaded, and there's alot more room for Sheryl to move around and be Comfy.
Take Care and thaks for stopping by.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, what a nice find. You're right, 83K miles is nothing for a diesel, and Cummins makes great ones. Many Cummins diesels pushed me around through the water for years with no problems.

Glad it's a 4WD, too, I enjoy your off-road tours, I hope to do some of that kind of touring, too.

With the better towing capacity, you'll find it more comfortable for travel. It is alwys a good thing to listen to your bride! ;c)

korisu56 said...

Awesome. Glad to see your trips won't be inhibited too much by the new vehicle and you plan on getting out there.

Anonymous said...

As Paul already said 83,000 on a diesel is just getting broken in, with proper care and maintenance on your vehicle you should see closer to the 1,000,000 mile before rebuild is in order.
You also now have another option if the trailer starts feeling tight, a medium sized 5th wheel and the truck will be just purring along without breaking a sweat, and actually tows better than a travel trailer.
Rick R.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

instant tent 8-14' x 10' said...

Just found your blog. I'm jealous, this is something my wife and I want to do. Get an RV and travel the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice looking truck!! Just be carefull with camping world and your awning...My 1988 Winnebago 27RQ Superchief never leaked till Camping World in Tacoma Wa. put my new awning on...It still leaks after two 400 mile round trips...I give up on them, I have 3 more horror stories from different C.W's, but I would run out of space! Best to you!

Dante Mallet said...

That is perfect, indeed, not just for road trips, but also for off-road travel. Your car can reach the 150,000-kilometer mark as long, as you maintain it properly after a hard-hitting trip. I wish I can have a similar Ram in the future so I can go on cross-country journeys!