Wednesday, October 13, 2010

El Paso Winds

The El Paso winds came up and bit us pretty hard the other day, ouch!! While I was gone to my VA appointment, the winds came up alittle. Sheryl was inside the RV and heard the awning start to flap, so she went outside to put it in. Just as she was half way through putting it in, a very strong gust came up..............and it was all over but the cryin. The awning ripped right off where it connects to the trailer so there is no saving it. When I came home, there it was, just laying all over the patio and poor Sheryl with that, I tryed so hard look on her face. Well I couldn't be mad, as it can and does happen to lots of folks, and it was just our turn, so we'll just have to see about a new one.

Well, we took our lumps from the wind, and decided to go out for a nice dinner. We've stayed in El Paso several times before, mainly in hotels by the airport. Each time we are here, we see Jaxon's Brewhouse and want to try it, but never seem to make it there, so thats where we headed. Well, it was worth the wait, excellent food and a nice casual atmosphere. Sheryl had the Salmon and I had the BBQ plate, penty of food at a resonable price. We can highly recommend Jaxon's if you are headed to or though El Paso. It's just off I-10 at Airline.
A few days later, we able to move from our site next to the hwy and deeper into the park. The hwy noise is much quieter here and we are also able to pick up the WiFi signal from the clubhouse, so no more packing up the puter and walking up the hill.
Not much else to report, Sheryl is still pretty sore from her procedure and awaiting her final treatment in a couple of weeks. She (we) are really hoping this will greatly reduce her back pain.
Ok, till next time, take care and thanks again for checking in on us.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

That's a shame that your awining ripped in the wind. Kudos for Sheryl for trying to get it up, many folks wouldn't have even tried.

I guess it's all part of the "fun" of the RV lifestyle.

We're enjoying your posts!