Sunday, October 24, 2010

Butterflys and Coffee Makers

While we were at the Holloman AFB Campground, Sheryl noticed this cool little light one night in front of our neighbors RV. The next morning we went out and looked and it was this little solar powered Hummingbird light, Well Sheryl thought it was the cuteist thing and just had to have one. We happened to be walking through Lowes the other day and ran across them, they had three types, Hummingbird, flower and Butterfly's, we chose the Butterfly one. If you have not seen them, they turn themselves on at night and change several differnt colors, red, green, blue, etc. It fits in nicely with our other solar lights around the site.

One thing Sheryl and I like is our coffee in the mornings. Our old coffee pot was on it's last leg, so a new on was in order. We were at the base thrift store a few days ago and saw this Cuisinart coffee pot on the shelf for $5.00, so what the heck, we picked it up. Cuisinart coffee pots are pretty high dollar and would never spend that kind of money on a new one (yes, I'm a cheapscape). We made our first pot of coffee with it and Wow!! the coffee was great!!, I didn't think a high end maker really made a difference but it does. Well we soon found out why it was at the thrift store, as it quit working after a few days. Ok, by now we were spoiled and just had to pony up the bucks to get one, and so we did. I can tell you, if your a coffee person, go out and get you one of these, the difference is amazing and well worth the extra money.
Other than our two big purcheses this week, it's just been life as usual, hanging out, food shopping, laundery, you know, all the fun stuff. Sheryl is also awaiting another injection or two in her back, hopefully with in the next week or two, so we can start our jorney east. We are both biting at the bit to get going, but we also know, we need to be wait until then. So with that we'll leave you till next time.................

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