Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ft Bliss Fam Camp, El Paso, Tx.

Our first real trip out with the Travel Trailer happened thursday. Sheryl was scheduled to have her back surgery in El Paso on Friday, so we decided to pack up the trailer and stay at the Ft Bliss Fam Camp here in El Paso for a week. This will Sheryl time to recover with out having a hour or so drive back to Alamogordo right away. The Cherokee towed our little home quite well, we kept the speed at 60 mph and made pretty go time. We stopped just outside Alamogordo for a quick check of things and al was well.
We pulled into the Fam Camp about an hour and a half after leaveing Holloman and what a nice place this is. The RV pads are pretty large and level, the landscaping in nice with trees at most every lot. We asked for a site near but not too close to the clubhouse and discovered an added benefit, we can pick up the WiFi from the clubhouse here!!! Nice.

Another added benefit are the sunsets over the mountains behind the park.
Quick update, Sheryl did have her surgery and all went well, she was released the next day (Sat) and is recovering nicely, still pretty sore, but recovering. Well thats it for now, so until next time.........................

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