Monday, December 21, 2009

Westside Rd, LNF, 19 Dec 09

Saturday, Sheryl and I, along with some folks from El Paso and here in town took a little trip up into the Sacramento Mountains. We all met here in Alamogordo, after refueling, we headed toward the town of La Luz and the La Luz Canyon Rd. After a short drive on La Luz Canyon we headed east on Calico Peak rd.
We made a side trip up to Calico Peak, there was just enough room for our party to fit there rigs in the turn around area and the view from the overlook were great. Then it was on to Westside Rd. toward the southern Sacramentos

We had a diverse variety of vehicles, from Land Cruisers, FJ Cruisers, Jeeps and a Pick-up. All toll we had 7 rigs in the group.

We went in search of snow and managed to find some, but mostly what we found was mud and lots of it!!! Due to the snow melt the road was pretty bad in spots, but nothing the group couldn't over come.

After about 3/4 of the way, we stopped at an old corral for lunch, the corral was pretty damaged by the high winds we had eariler that week.

After Westside Rd. we headed over to Bluff Springs and the waterfall (one of the few in the area) still quite a bit of snow at the falls and the ice on the falls was still plentiful. Made for some good pictures and the kids had a ball playing in all the snow.

Once again a good time with great folks, what more could you ask for!!! No wonder we love our life so much!!!

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