Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, my daughter and her husband invited us out to do Thanksgiving with them in Dallas, ( cooking, cleaning, , stress or houseful in our house) of course we had to say yes!!! They had just moved into their new home and wanted to begin their family traditions and memories with a houseful. The dinner and days were great and the kids have a beautiful home. We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, were just enjoying the days.
Here the girls are getting the feast started (Sheryl, Kayla and Tiffiny)

Sheryl showing Kayla the finer points of pie making......and man were those pies good!!!

The FEAST!!!

After a couple of days in Dallas with beautiful weather, we returned home to a bit of snow. This is up in the mountains just east of home. What a perfect way to end a perfect holiday with friends and familiy.

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