Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jeep Club Xmas Party and a FIRE!!!!

The Jeep Club held it's annual Christmas Party (OK, I know it wouldn't be a semi annual one!!!...lol) anyway, we attended and had a ball. The party was catered by a local BBQ joint...can you say YUMMY!! ate till we were stuffed!! Most everyone brought a dessert and as you can tell by the picture, there was quite a variety and everything was good, well as much of it as I could taste anyway. Everyone was required to bring a gift, wrapped but un-named, we all drew numbers and in order came up and picked a present from under the tree. The present was opened in front of everyone to see. You are probably wondering why the gift was opened for all to see, well it is so when your turn comes, you have the option of getting a gift from under the tree or stealing one that someone else had already gotten. Well as the night wore on lots of gifts were stolen back and forth, all in good fun. Sheryl had her gift stolen 4 times, even the one she really wanted (the stick horsey) which she promptly stole back, (see the look of joy in her eye as she poses with her loot, the horsey.....lol Fun was had by all and we had a great time, meeting new people and making new friends.
A few days later I got off work and headed over to say hey to Jackie at his shop across from Gander Mountain. We were just a chit chatting and happened to look outside to the sight above, seems a little grass fire (ok, a big grass fire!!) had started across the way. Later it was learned, 500 acres had burned along with a barn. A man and his son were in the barn, but noticed the fire coming there way and made a hasty retreat. To put the fire in perspective, the small buildings to the right are the hospitals where Sheryl works. Thank goodness the wind was not blowing in that direction or in the direction of Gander Mountain.

The rest of the week has been getting ready for Christmas, decorate the house (pictures to come) shopping and more shopping. More to come next time on the Xmas prelude. So until later take care and love your life, it's the only one you have!!!

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