Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow, Wedding and a Parade!!!

Sheryl and I both had to work Thanksgiving day, well, Sheryl thought she had to work, she was given the day of as soon as she got to work, (heck why call and bother us with that news when we can have her come in and waist her day!!!) anyway, Sheryl headed up to southern Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with her family and I followed later after work. The day after Thanksgiving came quite a surprise, a fresh snowfall, about 3 inches worth, sure was a sight to see, nothing like fresh snow on the ground before it becomes trampled with modern day life (footprints, car tracks, snow plows, you get the picture) Sure glad it decided to wait till after we both arrived. Sheryl had a great time spending Thanksgiving with her family and getting to visit her mom.
The day after Thanksgiving one of Sheryl's nieces got married in one of the family homes. It was a nice simple ceremony with several guests and lots of family in attendance. I had to head back home Friday night for work early Sat morning. Sheryl stayed and visited with everyone until Sunday when she too returned home. Friday night was quite the drive home with many of the rural roads not yet plowed, made me wish I had Jeep for the trip, however the Volvo did well with only a couple of lost traction moments.
Friday night, Nov 30, Amarillo held it's annual Parade of Lights downtown, and as always the Jeep Club showed up to partake in the festivities!!! I had a blond moment as it were, thought the parade was on Saturday night (which I would have had to work) so I didn't have Jeep prepared for the parade. Found out it was Friday night at the last minute, so hopped in Jeep headed downtown and lended my support by cheering them on from the sidelines. After the parade several of us met for dinner at a local BBQ joint, ahhh good food and good company, what more could you ask for!! Life is good, so as you have heard before keep lovin your life also!!!

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