Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wild Rainbow and New Garden

Earlier this week we had a rain storm come through (whats new for the Texas panhandle!!!) what was wild was the rainbow aftermath. This is not your ordinary rainbow, for if you look you can see inside the rainbow the sky is lighter and outside the rainbow the sky is darker, this is something we have never seen before and thought it really wild!!! You can also tell how big it is as it will not fit inside the picture frame.

Speaking of wild, Sheryl finally got a wild hair up her (well you know) and decided to plant a garden in the back yard. Her and Cassie worked away on it while I was at work (thank how ever I did not come off that easy as I had to remove the dug up sod and haul it off to parts unknown. The end result however is going to be soooooo good!!! We now have squash, corn, green beans, watermelon, carrots and red onions, can't wait, fresh grown veggies in a couple on months. We also planted some tomato plants, strawberries and blueberries. As long as we don't manage to kill the plants off we should be "eatin good in the neighborhood", to steal a phrase from a popular eatery.
I was also busy myself, frustrated, mad and any other expletive you would like to put in there!! My skills in finding a stud behind a wall, well lets just say, leave something to be desired. Anyway, I decided to hang the Kayaks in the garage (got tired of them laying all over) and after making a mountain out of a molehill (nothing is ever easy when I do it) some calmer minds prevailed (Sheryl) I was able to get them hung. (oh ya, Sheryl did throw he stud finder across the garage) so much for calmer we (she) decided the batteries were going south, so off to the store she went. Turns out she was right, we found the studs and all was well.

Ahhh, another day in the Lehmann household....what would we do without these little trials in our life which make thing more interesting. Just imagine how boring life would be it everything just feel into place and nothing ever went coo coo. I'll leave you with that until next time, love your life as we do ours!!!!

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