Thursday, May 17, 2007


I know, I know, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, call it being lazy, procrastinating, or I just haven't been in a writing mode, what ever the reason, it's been a couple of weeks. In all actuality not a whole lot has been happening, except for last weekend we visited Chris and Kaileigh in OKC for a weekend. A couple of weekends ago, we did have a gathering at the house for new friends and old, Cassies boyfriends parents came over (they are real nice folks). He is still active duty Air Force, so we have a few things in common and of course the ladies can chit chat about anything and get along. We also had our neighbors Brandon and Julie over, The menu was salad, fajitas, chips and all kinds of dips, we played games, chatted and just had a over all good time.
Sheryl's mom and niece came down from Kansas for a visit, Breanna brought her new little girl with her, it was Sheryl's first time to see the little one in person. Sheryl and Cassie had a great time holding her as well as giving mom alittle break!! It was a good visit, I had to work that day, so I came home in the middle of the visit. Sheryl loves spending time with her mom, and I was glad they were able to come down.
Almost forgot, the last tree for the front yard was planted this weekend, now we only need a few more things for the front and the landscaping will be complete.
The following weekend, we loaded up the trailer with various items for Chris and Kaileigh, hooked it to the jeep and off to OKC we went. Tell you what, we looked like the Clampets from Beverly Hillbilly's going down the road!!! We had a great visit with the kids and a wonderful meal at the best Mexican restaurant we have ever eaten at. The restaurant is called Teds and if you ever find yourself in OKC, check it out you will be pleasantly surprised!!! The rest of the time was pretty much just spent visiting, then it was back to Amarillo.
It was getting on dinner time so we stopped at a local I-40 tourist stop for a bathroom break and ended up doing dinner. After dinner the tourist trap had a fenced in area with 3 buffalo, it was actually kinda cool, Cassie had a great time and actually fed one of the buffalo we stayed and did the tourist thing for a bit before heading on back to reality. It sure is nice to get away once in a while, kinda gives us a small taste of how it may be in a couple of years when we hit the open road!!! Ok, until next time, love your life as we do ours...

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