Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthdays X2

 My how time can get away from you. Haven't posted in a bit, I guess were just enjoying our days of doing a whole lot of nothing. However, a couple of weekends were filled with Birthday Girls!!!  First was Sheryl's daughter Kaileigh, and a weekend of activities. Friday began with a movie night out, and our selection for the night was the Expendables 2. However this was not just any ordinary theater experience, this one came with special seating in a balcony area. So whats so special about that you say???  First, there's the oversized seating (large enough for Sheryl to put her legs up in the seat and cuddle with yours truly. Then there is a full food and bar menu, dinner and drinks served to to your seat. Wow what a way to watch a movie, beer and snacks, just like at home, only on the big screen.

Saturday brought a BBQ of Sausage Kabobs and all the fixin's plus a TV showing of the first Expendables, to catch us up.

The weekend also brought a surprise, Josh and Kaileigh were babysitting their neighbors pregnant doggy, when she decided it was time. Well Josh being our resident RN in training, took the lead and played mid wife  to the new mommy. All toll, 3 cute little puppies.

Next was Kaileigh's daughter Clara's birthday, with a special cake made by Grandma Sheryl. Who knew Sheryl was so multi talented, she surprises me every day.

Of course there was a party with friends and presents galore!!! All the kids had a great time, the pool was filled, the slip and Slide set up, and of course another BBQ and drinks for the adults rounded out the day.

Looks like posts maybe few and a bit between while were here. Not much other than day to day life and saving for the things needed to get back on the road with the motorhome. New tires, a tow bar set up and a little cushion in the back account, will put us on the road in November. It will be off to the family farm in Kansas for Thanksgiving and parts unknown from there, looking forward to traveling again.

As they say, we'll see you back here again, so until then, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

"Cuddling" in the balcony of a movie theater? Oh you kids! ;c)

Glad to hear y'all doing well and haven't melted in all the heat.

That is one terrific looking cake! Sheryl sure is talented.