Thursday, August 2, 2012

I-35 Claims Another

Tire that is. Yesterday started out as any other moving day, putting things away, slides in, jacks up, off and running, headed towards OKC. Sheryl was driving the car as I piloted the motorhome. As I putted along at 60mph, Sheryl goes nuts going that slow in a car, so about an hour out of OKC, I tell her to go on ahead and get us a site at Tinker AFB Famcamp and I'll be right behind you. We as Murphy loves riding with me, no sooner did Sheryl get out of sight, when BANG!!! thump, thump, thump!!! Pull over to the side of the interstate for a look, yup the inside left rear tire was shredded. Of course Sheryl had our only phone with her (will be changing that soon) so I couldn't let her know what happened. Now I wasn't to keen on trying to drive with just one rear tire, however the narrow shoulder if the interstate made limping to the next intersection a much safer option. I noticed an exit about a mile away, so I limped the ole girl along the shoulder at 10mph until I made it to the truck stop at that exit (thank goodness). The good folks at the truck stop let me use their phone to call Good Sam Roadside Assistance, the folks at Good Sam were great and had help in route with a new tire with in 30 minutes. With the new tire mounted Scrappy and I were on our way again for an uneventful drive in to OKC. Of course Sheryl not knowing what happened was going crazy wondering where I was after an 1 1/2 hours. She decided to start out to try and find me, but luckily we met just outside the AFB gate and all was well.
You would think that was the end of the days drama..........nope, remember Murphy, he woke up as we got settled into our campsite. Being the Hottest day on OKC so far this year 112* and us trying to get the motorhome cooled down, he elected to have fun with the breaker on the elec pole. Yup about every 10-20 minutes the breaker would trip, so no A/C for you guys, ha, ha, ha!!! After an hour or so of trying different things, we contacted the camp host, who had the electrician come out and replace the breaker. That took a while of course, but once the new breaker was in place all was well.........ahhh A/C at last.
Ok, that was enough fun for one day, we are all settled in for a few weeks, maybe longer depending. So until next time..................we'll see you then.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Murphy is great at giving everyone unwanted fun. We were having problems at some of the parks where everyone just wanted to cool down after getting off the road thus overloading the system. If everyone had just used one AC everyone would have been covered but many figured they paid for 50 amps and they were going to use it. Too Bad.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Figure Murphy would do that to you at the worst time. Glad it turned out okay, hope you got a good deal on the tire.

Stay cool!

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John and Carol said...

Good grief that was quite a day! Glad you were able to get back on the road quickly.

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