Monday, January 4, 2010

Coyote Canyon, NM

Last weekend a few of the member from Military Jeepers and myself took a day trip to Coyote Canyon Just north of Alamogordo, NM. All toll we had 4 Vehicles, 1 JK, 2 TJs and my WK. Besides the obvious of just needing to get out for the day, I also wanted to see how the Grand did in an off road enviorment, and I must say she did really well. The day was beautiful, sun was shining and in the upper 50s, the new year is off to a great start!!! The trail actually begins on the norther limits of Tularosa, NM and heads east into the mountains off of Hyway 54. Coyote Canyon is a road that follows a seasonal stream which it crosses several times during it's 10 miles.
Our group had to stop and survey the trail as it was washed out pretty good, about a 10' drop down into the washout. We looked around for a bit and found a way down into the washout.

Once down in the wash/stream bed you have two choices, you can follow the road, or the stream depending on how hard you want to make the trail. We opted for both, mostly following the road and occasionally hitting some mild rocky areas in the stream.

Due to the recent snow and snow melt the little stram was flowing and made for some really muddy areas (deep mud I should say) Occasionally this mud stopped our forward progress in its tracks, Not an area you want to do alone. Here Matt is assessing his stuckness...............


This trail can be from mild to wild, just depending on what you want. Here Zack is doing some of the moderate ledges of the stream. With no lift the Grand is not quite ready for those.

She did handle some of the milder ledges with ease.

Towards the end the stream becomes to narrow to drive and the road opens up into some nice open spaces.

Corral and windmill along the trail.
Lunch Break.

View from the trail.

The road follows a shelf up the side of a high cliff face and puts you out on a high mesa with beautiful views of the snow capped Sierra Blanca. Not to much further the road was gated at the Indian Reservation boundry so we had to turn around and head back.

Coming back down the shelf road.

On our way back to civilization, we ran across this poor guy, about as stuck as stuck could be!!!

Luckly I was able to get the Grand down that part of the stream bed. Hooked him up and with just a little effort had him out in no time. Gotta love that double locked hemi!!!

The day was winding down so we headed off the trail and toward home, however it wasen't to late to stop by Juans house for a few beers and story swapping!!! It was a great day to be out and with good friends it makes it all the better. This the first time we all ran a trail together and I'm sure won't be the last. So until next time, keep lovin your life as we do ours!!!

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Kirk said...

Looks like a great trip! And a nice recovery too. It's a good thing came along.