Saturday, August 15, 2009

Horse Ridge Trail Outing

Got out today and decided on a little back yard adventure, literally. Took the jeep, went around the corner, ok alittle farther, but not much and hit the Horse Ridge Trail. The trail is a couple of miles long and ends up at the top of a high ridge overlooking Alamogordo. You can just see the trail heading up the hill
The trail is prety much strait up, several curves and climbs with lots of loose rock, makes for an interesting drive.

As always, pictures never relate just how steep the roads are.

Once at the overlook, the views are impressive, with White Sands Missle Range, and the San Andres mountains to the west. To the east are the higher Sacramento mountains.

The overlook is also used by local hangliders, although I havent seen any yet, would be interesting to watch them from the house.

You can see Alamogordo just down the hills, it's actually alot closer than it looks in the pic. It was a beautiful day just to get out in the Jeep for a bit, and having the mountains in your back yard sure dosen't hurt!! Here's a little video of the trip.

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