Sunday, March 29, 2009

As you can tell from the previous post, we took a trip to Virginia for Sheryl's new travel assignment, well, due to the economic down turn she was layed off after one month. Sheryl returned home to begin a new travel assignment search and found, no one was hiring travel nurses, of course this process took a few weeks to realize. So after a couple of months things began to look bleaker and bleaker in the travel nursing field. The decision was made to begin looking for a full time permanent nursing job. Sheryl was contacted right away by a nurse recruiting firm who had several positions available across the country. Long story short, we accepted a job in Alamogordo NM, the hospital administration fell in love with Sheryl (who wouldn't!!!) and offered her the job pretty much on the spot. However 4 months with no income has really put a damper on our finances, my two jobs has helped to keep us barely treading water, but still in rough seas.

Things are beginning to look up, and we can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, when our house in Amarillo sells (I know great time to try and sell a house) things will be much better.

In this economy it is difficult to love your life sometimes, the key is to look at what you do have, and I have a wonderful loving wife and a great family. We have learned, like most of America, to begin living with in our means and not at the top of the budget, it is so easy to fall into the credit trap. So learning from our mistakes will make us better.

As we begin to love our life again, hope you folks can do the same, until next time.................well, you know!!!

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