Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pirates of the Canyon

Last weekend was the 2nd Amarillo Balloon Festival, this year 22 balloonist participated compared with only 6 last year, lets hope it keeps growing!!! The main events are held at the Tradewinds airport Friday and Saturday, but culminates at Palo Duro Canyon on Sunday morning with a sunrise lift off from the canyon floor. Sheryl and I were up bright and early to catch the festivities at the canyon. Now we both have seen balloon launches before, but something about watching them take off from the canyon floor and with the canyon walls as a back drop, it was truly a site to see. The only glitch in the system was after only 3 pictures the camera died!!! and of course we didn't bring extra batteries, even though yours truly set them out to be taken....boy getting older sucks!!! Well we did get a couple of shots as you can see, so the rest of the time we just enjoyed the experience. After the last launch, we took a drive around the park and did a short hike before heading home.

Halloween was pretty uneventful, Cassie dressed up and helped out at her school with a Halloween party for the local little ones.

Today we are dog sitting, our neighbor was involved in a motorcycle accident and is in the hospital for a few days, so we are helping our with the dogs so Julie can spend time with Brandon at the hospital and not have to worry.

Sheryl is back to work full swing and is looking and feeling better and better each day. That's it for now from Lehmann land, take care and keep enjoying your life as we do ours!!!

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